About B&S Central Portal

B&S Central Portal is an exclusive service for the members of the units of the NATO JFC community, located throughout the Netherlands. As they are not located at the headquarters, where a physical shop (B&S Central Store) is available, we have developed a portal where they can order online. Members can browse through the assortment, including our Special Offers and order duty-free goods online.

About B&S Group

B&S Group is a value adding distributor of Consumer Goods in over 100 countries and act as a single source supplier to attractive channels and specialised markets. We focus on serving distinct niche markets worldwide that are generally difficult to serve efficiently due to their specific demands and characteristics. We provide tailored solutions throughout the supply chain, linking suppliers and customers that would otherwise find it difficult to connect.


Markets we serve

We supply a wide range of consumer goods, including food and beverages, liquors, perfumes, cosmetics, and electronics to four main markets; Retail B2B, Maritime, Remote and Retail B2C. Each of these end-markets have high barriers to entry and require a specialised approach. Our well-trained and experienced workforce is a key component of our business. Their extensive knowledge and expertise allow us to serve each of these markets in a highly efficient manner.


B&S Retail

With B&S Retail, we  successfully operate a range of retail outlets around the globe. These target a variety of end-customer groups, all of which have specific requirements. One constant is the value of our integrated supply chain, which enables our B2B operations to strengthen our retail operations, while our retail operations strengthen our B2B operations. This win-win situation ensures we can provide clients with end-to-end solutions wherever they require them. 

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